What Kind of Surface Can You Treat?
Almost any surface:
Stone Based Surfaces Include:
Ceramic Floors   Quarry Floors 
Marble Floors   Granite Floors  
Porcelain Floors  Terrazzo Floors       Concrete   Brick    Slate        
Other Surfaces:     Vinyl    Linoleum    VCT       Wood       Metal       Painted Floors 

We can treat bathtubs, swimming pool decks, metal steps, loading docks, showers or just about any surface.       

When Can We Walk on the Floor?  
That depends on which treatment we apply. 
On stone based surfaces the flooring is ready immediately.  On other surfaces there is a curing time of between 24-72 hours.   

How Long Will it Last?  
The floors can be slip resistant for years, depending on maintenance.  Contaminates such as dirt and grease can minimize our treatments effectiveness. Waxes and sealers will also limit the effectiveness. 

Will I be Obligated if You Give Me a Demonstration?  
Absolutely not!  We will perform a small test pattern on your flooring to demonstrate how our treatment will work. 

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